Android App Development

Android Apps development is one of the latest and fastest growing mobile apps development platforms, which is available today for every user and installed on smartphones as well as tablets also. Even, the user can install the app on the computer also, Android apps captured the around 75% approx. of the global market with using smartphone users and till the start of 21st century, no one can unaware from Android Apps user and leading out the latest technology in all over the world. A Diastark technology provides an Android App development in Italy, Dubai, Tehran, China, India, and mainly few cities of India also.

Nowadays, Android Apps development has revolutionized the smartphone industry and is now developed by all the important major organizations in the world which are – Google, LG, Motorola, and HP. The numbers of Mobile Phone users are increasing day by day and understand the realized power of Android apps and install it on your smart phones and used it in a good manner. Diastark provides the best Android Apps development, which is implemented in various sectors and helps you to use in popularity of your business and take it advantages of it applications.
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Android App Development Features:

  • GSM, CDMA, EDGE, Bluetooth, EV-DO and UMTS, Wi-Fi technologies to send and receive out the data, which across over the mobile networks.
  • Easy to manage out and integrate with Google mail and calendar to any services
  • Rapid Application development
  • Cost Efficient Application development
  • SQLite provides the platform for data storage

We provide it the android application development for following:

  • Entertainment and Lifestyle apps
  • Business and Finance apps
  • Interactive Educations and Reporting apps
  • 2D and 3D android games app
  • Health, Fitness and Medical app
  • Social Networking app
  • Travel and Tourism app
  • News and Magazine app
  • Productivity and Utility app
  • Shopping apps